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Our Controls Have Been Officially Certified to Comply with 2 UL Standards

July 13, 2013

The staff at the Turnstile Factory is pleased to announce that the 6500 series control head – the brain of our turnstiles, is now an ETL Recognized Component, certified by Intertek to comply with UL standards 325 and 2593. Additionally, we have made several functionality upgrades to the 6500 unit, that continue its tradition of being the most flexible, high-performance reliable control head available.

The first upgrade is our new power supply which can be used for domestic or international projects. It features a built in overcurrent / overvoltage protection to help eliminate field installation mishaps that damage the electronics. Additionally, this power supply functions on and auto-selects input voltage of 100 – 240 VAC, making it universal to nearly every country in the world. There is even a digital amp and voltage meter built into it for troubleshooting purposes.

The next and even bigger new change to the electronics is a new PLC based control board.

The range of new features and possibilities is very extensive. Here is a list of the biggest additions to the functionality:

Integrated One-Shot Timers: In the past, some access control systems with a long signal output times would interfere with our control board, re-energizing the relay after a rotation. Our new board now has integrated one-shot timers which automatically reduce any input signal to a tenth of a second, eliminating the problem altogether. Environments where someone might want to hold the contact closed and allow several people through the unit haven’t been forgotten, as this feature can be disabled in one or both directions.

Faster Flow of Traffic: A feature called multi-swipe allows for multiple people to swipe their cards and pass through the turnstile without having to wait for the unit to relock and unlock again. The number of people allowed to swipe in queue defaults at 2 and can be adjusted down to 1 (for a more secure environment) or as high as 3 (for a very heavy traffic flow). As the first person swipes and walks through, it counts against the total number of swipes. This means once the maximum is reached, new swipes are ignored. However, if one person walks through, their swipe is subtracted and a new swipe can be added to the queue. The multi-swipe value is independent for each direction, too.

Fire Alarm Integration: An input has been added for fire alarm integration, allowing fire alarms to unlock the turnstile in each controlled direction without the need to interrupt power to the turnstile or tie into the card reader inputs.

Thank you very much for all of your business. We look forward to sharing other improvements shortly including a major announcement in late summer.

--- The Turnstile Factory Team

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