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About Turnstile FactoryTurnstile-Factory.com is the online destination for Architects, General Contractors, Security Pros and Installers who seek to order directly from the leading manufacturer of full-height and waist high turnstiles. Perimeter security and pedestrian access control is our specialty.

In business for more than 25 years, we have produced turnstiles and access solutions for pro stadiums, key entertainment venues, office buildings, industrial facilities, universities and military sites world-wide.

Our products range from the traditional full-height turnstiles crafted in stainless steel or carbon steel that can be galvanized or powder-coated, to aluminum turnstiles with bullet-proof ratings. Our waist high turnstiles come in various designs, from the traditional 3-arm version like you see at many stadiums, to our winged optical units that are ideal for well appointed offices, embassies and universities.

Are you just learning about turnstiles? Call us -- our turnstile and access control experience will help you make the right selection, and make you aware of things you may not have even considered in your planning.

Thanks for visiting our website; we look forward to talking turnstiles and pedestrian access control with you.