Turnstile FAQ

Common New Installation Problems

People Getting Locked in Turnstile

The cam design of the 6500 control head will not allow someone to get locked inside of turnstile. The rotor is installed 60 degrees off. Control head must be removed and rotor turned 60 degrees so that one set of arm assemblies on rotor is in between the two curved yoke sections. Top view shown on drawing. The other 2 set of arms should be pointed back towards the fixed barrier. The turnstile is configured to rotate 120 degrees meaning on a 360 degree circle it will rotate 3 times.

turnstile diagram

Turnstile Allows More Than One Person Through

Most new installations: The card reader time is too long. It requires a dry momentary contact less than one second long. Refer to the 0789 circuit board trouble shooting page for further instruction.

Turnstile is letting 2 or more people through the turnstile/not locking up after each person

Card reader signal time: Signal should be 1 second or less. The knowledge of the ca-789 circuit board does not start until the signal stops thus ignoring the first or second person to walk through without the board knowing it happened. If the card reader cannot be turned down then a ONE SHOT timer can be purchased for each direction needed. This will give the turnstile the signal it needs no matter how long the signal exists.

Improper installation of the turnstile: Rotor out of plumb (Full Heights)

Out of plumb rotors cause binding in the control head and unnecessary wear and tear.

The turnstile must be leveled before anchoring the rotor. Level should be within 1/8” side to side and front to back. Once this is done a plumb bob should be used to find center for rotor. Some installers mark the hole for the rotor when the unit is laid out. This is not correct. The pad could be out of level and shimming of the unit is required. Once shimming occurs the rotor the will be out of plumb to the unit. This then causes binding and inconsistency in the function of the control head.

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