Turnstile ClearPass Series
Waist-High Barrier Optical Turnstiles - Interior Application

ClearPass Turnstile

ClearPass Fine Hardwood Tops CP1000-Z
Fine Hardwood,
Trapezoidal End

ClearPass Solid Surface Tops CP1000-R
Solid Surface,
Rounded End

Stainless Cabinet and Solid Surface or Wood Top

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The ClearPassTM Series is our line of clear-panel barrier, optical pedestrian control devices. Using proprietary SilentStopTM technology to physically restrict passage through the optical lane, these turnstiles are ideally suited for office personnel entrances where the majority of the people enter using an ID card. The ultra-quite retractable barrier allows for rapid pedestrian advancement while our advanced optics prevent "tail-gating" by those without proper credentials. And, these highly flexible turnstiles can operate as barrier or purely optical units at the turn of a key, depending on your needs.

The ClearPassTM CP1000-R (featuring rounded ends) and the CP1000-Z (featuring trapezoidal ends), both have a stainless cabinet with a choice of a solid surface or fine hardwood top to match any décor, and integrate with all standard access control equipment. (For multiple lanes, we also offer our two-sided CP2000-R & CP2000-Z center units).


This barrier optical unit is designed for interior application and features our signature 304 stainless steel construction (No. 4 brushed satin finish) with a round-shaped (CP1000-R), or trapezoid-shaped (CP1000-Z), top crafted from either solid surface material or wood. It is ideally suited for office personnel entrances, or locations where the majority of people enter using an ID card.

Product Features:

Materials and Finishes:

  • Bollard construction is of 304 stainless steel with slim-line body design
  • Designer Tops are available in a wide variety of solid surface colors or woods to match your interior design needs
  • Barrier wings are crafted from LexanTM


  • Single or multiple lane configurations are available
  • Corporate logos can be etched into barrier panels for added effect
  • Optional console device can remotely monitor and control lane use
  • Alarm outputs: n/c. n/o relay rated at 5 amp @24 vdc/auxiliary alarm output contacts provided for interface to building access control, fire/life safety, security, CCTV, and monitoring systems
  • Adjustable Entry Reset - enables the unit to re-set at time intervals to your choosing when unauthorized passage is attempted
  • Tamper Alarms - Unauthorized entry attempts or tampering will trigger alarms for a predetermined (adjustable) time frame
  • Sensors - can detect tail-gating and crawling

Also available as an ADA unit (models CP1000-R-ADA or CP1000-Z-ADA).

Design & Construction:

  • Designed for reliable operation with aesthetics in mind
  • Optical sensors provide for passage for up to 30 people/minute
  • Visual and Audible - lighting (green/yellow/red) and sound is provided to acknowledge status of passageway (open or closed), and indicates valid card read or alarm condition
  • Horizontal graphic arrays (HGAs) solid state/maintenance free
  • Optical sensors to prevent unauthorized "crawling" thru lane
  • Lock-out conversion from barrier-optical mode to optical-only lane mode
  • Alarm buzzer sounds on alarm condition
  • Unit does not need to close before next swipe, allowing quicker flow
  • Safety - Barrier wings will open upon loss of power, and sensors will prevent closure on persons or objects in passage lane
  • Activation Inputs - sustained dry contact inputs are available to control directions of flow; select barrier wing mode (open/closed) or open barriers for fire systems
  • Output Signals - isolated momentary dry contact allows integration with remote alarms, doors, etc.
  • Power Requirements: power supply input 100/120/220/230/240 VAC 50/60hz output-24 vdc @ 2 amps per passageway

We're the #1 Choice of Top Architects, Security Pros and Government Engineers

For two decades, Turnstile Factory has been the globally trusted name in pedestrian control equipment. Made in Ohio and shipped worldwide, we are the first choice of leading architects, facility managers, security consultants and government engineers. Whether your project requires high-security, full-height turnstiles, waist-high units, or matching ADA accessible gates, Turnstile Factory is the secure choice. And, we're experienced in access control systems, from card readers to biometric scanning, to give you the power to control access.

Solid Surfaces:

These are just a few of the solid surfaces available for your turnstile's custom top.

  • ClearPass Gray Solid Surface Gray
  • ClearPass Obsidian Solid Surface Obsidian
  • ClearPass Sea Green Solid Surface Sea Green
  • ClearPass Soft Dove Solid Surface Soft Dove
  • ClearPass Steel Solid Surface Steel
  • ClearPass Whole Wheat Solid Surface Whole Wheat
  • ClearPass Blush Solid Surface Blush
  • ClearPass Blue Jeans Solid Surface Blue Jeans

Technical Specifications:

  • Height: 39-1/2'' (1003.29mm)
  • Length: 49-1/2'' (1257.29mm)
  • Width: 12-7/8'' (327mm)
  • Barrier Wing: .5'' (12.69mm) thick, 11.75'' (298.45mm) long
  • Lane Width: Standard 26'' (660mm) can be reduced if required. ADA 36'' lane available.
  • Open/Close Time: 1 Second Minimum


Units are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from date of delivery. See warranty information for specific details.