FastPass 500 Series Waist High Turnstiles

FP500: All Stainless Steel Waist High Turnstiles

The FastPass waist high turnstiles are ideal where the durable good looks of stainless and rugged performance are needed. FastPass turnstiles have a 304 stainless steel cabinet and feature our Enduro Control Head with auto-indexing and shock suppression technology. Thousands of these units are in service world-wide at NFL stadiums and other entertainment venues, along with corporate and military sites. These units come in several configurations including our FP500-P (portable), the FP500-C (coin), FP500-S (scanner), FP500-T (ticket) and FP500-ADA gate (that can be motorized).

Our turnstiles meet ASTM standards, are fully welded and have minimally exposed hardware.


Download printable FP500 Foot print Model drawing pdf

Download printable FP500 Assembly Model drawing pdf

Download printable FP500-P drawing pdf

Download printable FP500-T/S drawing pdf

Download printable FP500-C drawing pdf

Download printable FP500-ADA drawing pdf