RD70 Monitor Revolving Door (aluminum)

Monitor Turnstile
Data Sheet / Drawings

Available in your choice of a Clear, Dark Bronze or Black anodized finish.

The Monitor Revolving Door is a full security card access, tamper-resistant aluminum revolving door, designed for locations requiring improved visitor security or as the barrier between Production and Office areas. These units are ideal for corporate headquarters, or anywhere that high security functionality and top-notch appearance are desired.

Quiet in day/night mode, it can provide free passage during regular working hours and controlled passage after hours with card access or biometrics. Included with the unit is our sensor technology that prevents unapproved passage thru the door.These features are available on our turnstile products as well.

Exterior Height: 94” to 120” available
Width: 72”
Pedestrian Clearance: 30”


Download printable drawing pdf