Full Height Security Aluminum Turnstiles

T80-S / T80-T / T80-MD



Data Sheet

Available in your choice of natural aluminum clear finish, anodized bronze or black.

These highly durable, tamper-resistant turnstiles are the ideal choice where security and style meet. They will control passage thru a fence perimeter, parking or factory entrance, military installation, sports venue or even an office building.

The Tiffany T80 Single and Tandem units are three-vane turnstiles with a weather resistant finish and automatic indent Feather-Touch action – that includes shock suppressor and not-entrapment features. Both use 6005-T6 anodized aluminum extrusions and GE’s transparent Lexan® polycarbonate cage panels. The oval-shaped aluminum arms measure ½” x 2” x 24” .

At the heart of these designer units is our heavy-duty control head, the brains and brawn of the turnstile. They can be configured manually one-way or both directions, or electronically that will allow the use of most key card reads and biometrics.

Our turnstiles meet ASTM standards and have minimally exposed hardware.


Exterior Height: 89.5"
Width: 65.68"
Pedestrian Clearance: 30"


Exterior Height: 89.5"
Width: 96.18"
Pedestrian Clearance: 27"


Download printable T80-S drawing pdf

Download printable T80-T drawing pdf