Security Integrators

turnstile securityThank you for considering, we've been producing turnstiles and ADA gates for more than 25 years.

Whatever your project – be it a factory perimeter or high-security nuclear power plant, to an office building in NYC, we have experience successfully handling any effort where pedestrian access control is important.

Our turnstiles are crafted from 304 Stainless, carbon steel or aluminum based on the model and application.

But, what makes our turnstiles superior to the many folks who make similar looking units is what you don’t see – the control head. Our control head is forged from a heavy duty, high zinc content alloy….made to be durable in the most demanding environments. From frozen mining sites that require special heaters to the rigors of Middle East military checkpoints, we deliver units that hold up in demanding environments as well as the more traditional applications.

All of our turnstiles can work as part of an integrated facility security solution, and we can assist your team in considering the best turnstiles given the unique challenges of your project. From metal detection to bullet-proof panels, our turnstiles lines provide a wide range of solutions for today’s security integrator.